RJ-Romain Jerome | Tattoo-DNA by Xoil

Jueves, 03 de Marzo de 2016 11:30 PM Sarah Gadon premieres in Los Angeles and Berlin

RJ-Romain Jerome is proud to unveil its newest collaboration: Tattoo-DNA by Xoil.

Like street art, when tattooing is performed at a certain level, it becomes purely and simply art. This is the case of Xoil, whom I met in 2014. He had just finished the customisation of a car, a world in which he seemed to be an outsider and yet fully belonged, having applied the full scope of his talent to it. He was in his bubble, almost anachronistic, with his ability to reinterpret his art in a modern world. Xoil takes his inspiration from an older aesthetic and gives it a determinedly contemporary feel. That is also what we do in watchmaking. The Tattoo-DNA by Xoil project is a natural result of our union.