BOMBERG BOLT-68 Automatic Barry

Miércoles, 11 de Mayo de 2016 11:30 PM BOMBERG BOLT-68 Automatic Barry

BOMBERG and The Barry Foundation join forces to save Saint Bernard dogs and celebrate this collaboration by launching the BOLT-68 Automatic BARRY

Along with chocolate, cheese and banking, elegant timepieces and Saint Bernard dogs are what our imaginations dream up when we think of Switzerland. BOMBERG has decided to create stronger ties between the latter two.

The Great Saint Bernard Pass is one of the few passages allowing us to cross from the north to the south of the Alps. A 1,000 year-old hospice stands at the highest point of this passage, 2,500 meters above sea level. The monks living in the hospice often went to the rescue of travellers caught in storms and avalanches. Since the 17th century, they were accompanied by the robust who helped find those who had disappeared. Together, the hospice and the Saint Bernand dogs have saved over 2,000 lives.

Today, we all know and love these great big mastiff dogs – the biggest of which are about eighty centimeters in height and weigh 85kg. They are known for their two-tone fur, their gentle nature and the barrel of schnapps carried on their collars.

In 2005, a Martigny-based foundation took over the three-century old breeding kennels from the Holy Order of the Great Saint Bernard Monastery to continue breeding the famous Swiss national dog. The Barry Foundation was named in honour of Barry, the legendary avalanche dog who saved the lives of 40 people between 1800 and 1814. The foundation’s responsibility is to continue breeding Saint Bernard dogs, despite them no longer helping in mountain rescue operations, and to keep the history alive through the Barryland museum. Around 20 pedigree puppies are born at the breeding kennels every year, one of which is always named Barry, in honour and memory of his great predecessor. Today, the sociable and gentle Saint Bernard dogs help children and the elderly going through difficult times or struggling with behavioural disorders.

The BOMBERG BOLT-68 Automatic BARRY is the result of the partnership between BOMBERG and The Barry Foundation; a specific watch designed to honour Saint Bernard dogs. The black PVD treated steel case encases an automatic Swiss mechanical movement. A large head of a Saint Bernard dog, and the traditional barrel, embellish the dial and the brown leather strap with red stitching is adorned with a traditional Swiss edelweiss flower. Like all BOLT-68 watches, an ingenious bayonet system with a trigger guard, exclusively developed by BOMBERG, allows the timepiece to be detached from its base and attached to a metal chain, transformed into a masculine pocket watch.

“Nobility, dedication and sacrifice” is the motto that appears on the BOMBERG BOLT-68 Automatic BARRY watch. Key values to which we could add courage, heroism, greatness and above all, the famous Swiss reliability, a value which BOMBERG encompasses. BOMBERG is particularly proud to associate itself with The Barry Foundation, a publicly recognised charity.